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Crooked teeth, incorrect occlusion is a great aesthetic problem for many people. However, this is a discomfort not only because of the beauty. Incorrect position of teeth or jaw cause the problems of occlusion, speech, chewing, as well as facial profile changes, gum diseases, teeth wear, or even influence the occurrence of caries. If these problems are left untreated, teeth or jaw damage usually progresses and can lead to additional deformations.

Braces are one of the orthodontic treatments for straightening teeth or curing bite problems.
With the help of these orthodontic devices, the treatment is applied to the patients from 12 – 13 years old when they already have permanent teeth, as well as to adults.

Orthodontic treatment during adolescence helps to solve orthodontic anomalies faster and better.

The braces for adults are placed in order to adjust certain areas, as the auxiliary treatment, or all the teeth are straightened and occlusion is fully restored.

Braces are: metal, ceramic, self-ligating (Damon or Smart Clip Systems) and lingual.


The most commonly used, metal braces, can vary in size, are ease to use, but is one of the cheapest kind.


Ceramic braces solve aesthetic problems, but the treatment may take longer and is more expensive.


Self-ligating braces have a special door with fixed orthodontic wire. It does not solve the aesthetic problem and is not used in all cases of treatment.


Lingual braces are glued to the inner surface of the teeth, they, like self-ligating braces, are not suitable in all teeth straightening cases, and are expensive.


Orthodontic treatment may not be limited with braces; depending on the age and situation it is possible to carry out the treatment with the help of dentures or Invisalign aligners system. Teeth straightening without braces ( These are thin, clear aligners, which fit very well to the teeth, comfortable to wear and are invisible.