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Service Fees

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Price list of dental services

Examination kit 5
Consultation (30 mins)  15
Treatment plan and presentation 30
Dental X-ray  7
Panoramic dental X-ray 20


Teeth removal 
Milk tooth removal 15
Permanent tooth removal 25-40
Surgical removal of a tooth 65-100
Removal of erupted wisdom tooth 35-55
Emergency in case of inflammation
Incision (cut), introduction of the drain 17
Eugenol bandage application 15
Perikoronaritis, alveolitis treatment 15
Dental operations 
Uncover of not erupted canine and orthodontic button attachment 40
Root apex resection 110
Cyst removal 130
Implant removal  70


Implants Ankylos® and Straumann®

Before implantation
Future teeth lab waxing (1pc) 18
Surgical guide (one jaw) 120
Bone and soft tissue augmentation after tooth removal 175-235
Implantation 620
The healing head attachment to the implant 80
Bone augmentation during dental implantation 280-440
Soft tissue augmentation during dental implantation 120
After implantation 
Implant uncover and healing head attachment to the implant 80
Soft tissue grafting around implants 123


Sinus lift surgery 150-600
Sinus cyst removal 185
Bone block grafting 600


Curettage (one tooth area) 10
Dental crown alignment surgery (one surface) 75
Dental crown alignment surgery (2nd , 3rd surfaces) 65
Gingivectomy (1 tooth)  45
Gingivectomy (2nd ,3rd tooth)  35
Flap surgery (1 tooth) 65
Flap surgery (2nd , 3rd tooth)  50
Furcation recontouring surgery  60-100
Gum correction 50
Recession surgical treatment (1 tooth)  140
Mouth vestibule plastic surgery  80-125
Dental splint (fiberglass 1 tooth) 20
Placement, removal of the stitch 6
Periodontal bandage placement 6
Lip, tongue frenulum recontouring 25-35
Bacteriological test 20


Dental prosthetics 
Metal- ceramic crown 240
Intermediate part  or console of metal- ceramic bridge 235
Metal-free ceramics 405
Post and core 85
Post and core (multi-rooted) 120
Arch supporting prosthesis without locks  735
Arch supporting prosthesis with precision locks  1160
Full denture of upper or lower jaw 350
Ceramic onlay 440
Hard tray (for bruxism) 200
Soft tray 150
Individual impression spoon 20
Partial denture (removable denture) 235
Implant prosthetics 
Metal- ceramic crown 465
Intermediate part of metal- ceramic bridge  235
Zirconium ceramic crown 585
Intermediate part of zirconium ceramic bridge 450
Temporary dental prosthetics
Cosmetic partial denture (up to 3 teeth) 110
Cosmetic denture before implant prosthesis (more than 3 teeth) 175
Temporary crown on the implant (screwed) 115
Temporary tooth crown 35
Other services 
Alginate prints 7
Silicone prints 15
Waxing (1 tooth) 18
Removal of metal ceramic crown 15
Diagnostic dental models 12


Dental treatment 
Dental radiogram 6
Cofferdam application 6
Sealing with light hardening filling (small filling) 30-70
Full coverage of the tooth crown (veneer) 70-150
Temporary filling 6
Filling correction and smoothing  20
Milk tooth filling 30
Root canal treatment
Canal preparation and filling (1 canal) 45
Secondary canal retreatment 30-45
Canal filling  26
Removal of post and core 60
Removal of fracture from the canal 60
Change of calcium hydroxide  15


Oral hygiene      
Professional oral hygiene  45-50
Professional oral hygiene by periodontologist 60
Teeth whitening 
Teeth whitening (with trays) 150
In-office teeth whitening (in the office with whitener applications 1 tooth) 15
Sensitive teeth neck applications with fluoride varnish or other materials 15


Consultation 15
Prints 15
Braces (one dental arch) 
Metal braces 450
Ceramic braces 850
Lingual braces  1160
Other services 
Arch attachment 45
Arch activation 10-15
Elastics 6
Metal braces (1pc.)  38
Re-gluing of the bracket 16
Removal of braces  35
Functional device  200-250
Orthodontic plate 145-170
Fix retainer 45
Forsus device 440
Standard face arch 145-160

This price list is the basic service rates, i.e. service fees at an average workload, complexity and risk. Depending on the extent of work, complexity and risk, the cost may be increased or decreased.