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STRAUMANN dental implants

Straumann dantų implantai

Dental implants are the only way that allows restoring a tooth from root to crown. Dentists agree – implantation is the most advanced solution to one, several or all of the lost teeth reconstruction. This is the most advanced, durable and reliable procedure, seen around the world. Properly implemented implantation works and a high-quality implant will guarantee easy chewing and vivid language, to assure maximum comfort and implement the highest aesthetic requirements. Professional, strong and durable implants are required in order to ensure maximum quality. We offer you to try STRAUMANN – the global leader – products.

 The company STRAUMANN

The company STRAUMANN was founded in 1954. It is headquartered in Basel (Switzerland). More than 60 years of presence, the company is the most modern implant factory in the world today that ensures maximum quality and is working with the most innovative technologies. STRAUMANN dental implants are number 1, as measured by both production reliability and modernity of technologies. Over a period of many years, research has ensured the best position of STRAUMANN in the global market – the company can not only to offer cutting-edge solutions, but also to guarantee the highest implantation success rate, reaching 99.5%.

In order to satisfy the most demanding customer needs, STRAUMANN is constantly investing in science – and today the Swiss company is one of the most investing in research dental implant company in the world. Many of the company’s patented inventions changed the history of dentistry and updated the  process of dental implants  production e.g. a modern implant surface processing method ensured a more effective and more rapid engraftment of implants, while the usage of exceptionally strong metal alloy for implants gave even more strength. The aim of STRAUMANN is to ensure dental implantation to become simpler, faster and more effective.

The highest quality and customer focus

STRAUMANN dental implants are produced in Switzerland. Here – in a modern and the latest technology resourced factory – are produced not only all the implants, but also separate prosthetic fittings. The works are carried out using special equipment, developed by STRAUMANN engineers, which does not have in any other company. All the production process is supervised by top-level control system, assuring that each step is carefully checked, assessing both production materials and production process.

In order to ensure maximum quality, STRAUMANN implants give you a lifetime quality guarantee, which covers 70 countries around the world, i.e. you can get a qualified doctors’ service all around the world, while a new implant or prosthetic fittings are delivered for free. STRAUMANN assures – if you select them, no worries will disturb your smile and well-being. By the way, if you choose unauthorized parts, the guarantee will not be granted.

We guarantee maximum quality and full help of skilled professionals!

’’Ateities dental clinic“offers STRAUMANN dental implants corresponding the highest quality indicators and professional assistance on all questions of implantation.

Qualified professionals of the clinic having many years of experience will ensure the implantation process and take care of your perfect smile! In order to offer you the very best, the doctors of our clinic are constantly improving their skills abroad, participating in international conferences and consultations with world-renowned specialists in implantology!

STRAUMANN – is the highest quality name of implantology, providing a modern approach to medical education. Innovation, continuous improvement and flexible prices resulted that STRAUMANN is the most popular choice for dental implants worldwide today.


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